Western Ohio Woodworking Club
Dayton, OH
These plans are available to help build toys for
Dayton Children's Hospital and use for Project Kits
for Artistry in Wood Youth Program. All plans shown
are free to WOW Members. Just click on the
project name and it will take you to the plan. So,
Project Name
Project Description
Little Buggy
An easy creation, small Buggy designed by
Vern Johnson. Fits stuffed animal. Should
make a little girl smile.
Simple Car
Cut the body and a couple of dowels. Add
wheels and you have a great fun toy for the little
Every little lady needs a stroller to push her doll
around. This one is a great version and does
not take a lot of wood.
Camper Truck
Look like an old camper and should give the
little Outdoors man a fun time playing with this.
Happy Push Toy
It whirls! It spins! It is a fun toy for the very little
person. A great old fashion push toy.
Every little trucker has to have a big rig to driver
around the room. This is it. Easy to do and
looks great.
Pounding Table
This is for our future woodworker's. Learn to
pound the peg into a hole without getting the
fingers. A real classic toy.
Dump Truck
How can you play in the sand without a Dump
Truck. This one does the trick. All you need is
make believe sand.