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The Western Ohio Woodworking Club
Scholarship Program
Read the Rio Grande news for September, 2010 and see the full story about the
Western Ohio Woodworking Club Endowment of a Scholarship Program and the
results of this great activity to encourage the future of the art of woodworking.
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Reid who passed away in 2005.  George had been our only honorary club member and was a
very distinguished and highly accomplished woodworker who gave freely of his time and
knowledge to anyone who approached him.  In the embryonic stage of the scholarship
program it became evident that there were many others that were instrumental in the
development and growth of this first rate wood working club, and soon the scholarship
effort was broadened and named the Western Ohio Woodworkers Scholarship Fund.

Justification for the establishment and operation of  the Western Ohio Woodworkers
Scholarship Fund is easily found in  Article III of our constitution: “The primary
objective of this club is to promote education and to foster craftsmanship in the art
and technique of woodworking.”  In short we fulfill the goals of this article in a number
of ways. 1.)  Our general meetings, luncheons, socials and seminars provide a forum to
the membership for the dispersion of knowledge on all sorts of woodworking subjects.   
2.)  At the Artistry in Wood Show we interface with the community through our WOW
booth and the newly established  woodworking program for children.   3.)  And now, with
the “for sale projects” and donations that WOW Members  and added business support,  
we have a significant scholarship program underway.  

Our scholarship differs from many others in that early on,  the WOW Steering
Committee decided the  funds were to go to a student of wood working, as opposed to
general education, and in so far as possible that student would be a resident of the
state of Ohio.  Fortunately, the Rio Grande College/Rio Grande University in southeast
Ohio had just the kind of scholastic program and students that we were looking for and  
we now have an ongoing relationship with “Rio”  (pronounced ‘rye  oh’ –and they will
correct you if you say it Wrong).The initial goal of the program was to generate funds
in the neighborhood of $10,000 so as to establish an endowment at Rio Grande, and in
the meantime if funds allowed, we would present one student each year an annual $500
scholarship.  The Memberships generosity along with hard work and the generosity of a
few corporations (Delta/Porter Cable/Dewalt, CarveWright,  Woodcraft and Campbell-
Hausfeld) has allowed us to accomplish these goals.  Thank you members and Business

Currently, the WOW scholarship committee has ironed out the details and stipulations
for the endowment and in April, 2010 the Western Ohio Woodworking Club presented Rio
Grande College/University with a  $13,000.00 check to initiate the proceedings of an
endowment. Our long term goal is to grow the endowment pool so that it will yield in the
neighborhood of two $1000.00 scholarships to deserving woodworking students annually.  
This is an ongoing and optimistic task in today's investment arena.

I would like to recognize and thank those that have worked on or are still working on
this effort:  Andy Fischer: 937/433-3967,  Gordon Galloway: 937/879-9783,  Tom
Lensch: 937/433-9616, Dave Moser: 937/335-1814, Scott Phillips: 937/773-1002 and
Charlie Hirsch (deceased).  
for their donation to our Scholarship Fund
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