Our  Club and Community Activities
Christmas Toys are one of the big projects members of the club help.
Small toys, puzzles, musical instruments, to name a few, are built by the members
and given to Dayton Children's Hospital to distribute to sick children. We have
been doing this for years and it keep getting better and bigger. It puts a big smile on the sick
children and helps the staff at the hospital. You can
view the photos of the things that we have
donated and see the faces of some of the children. A great project to get involved in.
Youth Program  is an annual program held at Artistry in Wood and is designed to allow
young children build woodworking projects. These projects are build by members of our club and
assembled by the youth, ages 5-12. Project range from cars, boats, all the way to bird houses and
3-Legged Stools. The program has grown every year since starting and are luck to have Little
Woodworkers returning each year to make something new. The members of the club put together
projects and do everything but assembly. The young people glue, nail, and pound the projects
together. Scouts come each year to improve there woodworking skils. Teacher from Intercity
schools bring the students from their classes to learn a little bit about woodworking, with some
of them have never seen a saw or worked with glue. We have an Imagination Center, open to
children of all ages, which allows them to take small pieces of scrap wood and build a unique piece
of art. Our attendance has grown from a few children 5 years ago to over 200 now. These children
build over 400 projects. Thanks to our supporters, who have help make this a success with the
donation of wood, pencils, glue and other supplies.
Dayton, OH